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NANG 3: Found in Refraction

When I eventually found the time to sit back and read, I decided to read NANG 3 slowly in order to enjoy each individual page. I seldom get the chance to enjoy books so thoroughly. They are much longer, for instance, and each page is impersonal and uniform for the most part. Not so with magazines. The format allow for greater flexibility and variation, and NANG is filled with surprises from the beginning to end.
This is the third issue of a ten-part limited series about film in Asia, and deals specifically with the issue of film and fictitious responses to them. Guest editor Amir Muhammad’s idea, presumably shaped by his experiences as a prolific publisher, was to put together an issue that consisted of much more than straight-up fanfiction. What NANG 3 ended up featuring was a wide range of responses to films in addition to reimagining and embellishing their plotlines. For example the characters, moods, and ways the experience of watching movies informed and shaped the impressions of …

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